Familiar KM Themes

David Skyrme gave a list of common "myths" or mainstream beliefs about knowledge management in the May 2003 I3 Update. While this is a familiar list, it is good to read about them again. I just list the titles, you can read the details within.

Knowledge Flows: Mainstream or Myths?

  1. Knowledge Can't Be Managed

  2. Best Practices Aren't Best Practices

  3. Communities Don't Practice

  4. Storytelling Isn't Just Telling Stories

  5. Expertise Directories Locate Your Experts

  6. A Portal is a Gateway to Knowledge

  7. What You Can Measure You Can Manage

  8. The Biggest Obstacle to Knowledge Sharing is Corporate Culture

  9. E-learning and KM are Two Sides of the Same Coin

  10. Increasing Creativity Will Increase Innovation

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» Communities don't practice from Mathemagenic

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