Learning and communities

There have been a number of articles / blogs talking about where learning is going with all the technology we have today. This article from George Siemens does a nice job of summarizing some of the issues, focusing on the fact that learning is much more than what happens in a classroom.

Learning Ecology, Communities, and Networks

What we know is less important than our capacity to continue to learn more. The connections we make (between individual specialized communities/bodies of knowledge) ensure that we remain current. These connections determine knowledge flow and continual learning.
To remain relevant, education needs to align with the needs of learners and the changing climate of work. Courses are not effective when the field of knowledge they represent is changing rapidly. We need to respond to these changes in a way that meets learner's needs and that reflects the reality of knowledge required in the work force.

[Found via a post by John Smith in the com-prac YahooGroup

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Il me semble avoir lu récemment un billet qui faisait le point sur les différents styles de rapports au savoirs, notant que tous ne sont pas tournés vers la recherche, la découverte... Read More

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