KM at Johnson & Johnson

J&J has a corporate knowledge management effort, led by Mike Burtha, the Executive Director of Knowledge Networking for the company. Burtha has focused heavily on communities of practice, specifically attempting to help the varied companies of J&J understand the value of networking and teaching the leadership how to build the environment for communities.

Finding information on knowledge management practices at J&J is difficult because J&J consists of seemingly hundreds of subsidiaries that each have their own identity, internally and externally. Among these are ALZA, Cilag, Centocor, Janssen, Neutrogena, Ortho-McNeil. They cover everything from basic pharmaceuticals to home healthcare to hospital products to marketing services and beyond.

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Matt said:

As a former Intranet Admin for the Sam's division of Wal-Mart, this isn't too surprising. When we began the process of web consolidation, we found over 700 independent intranet sites within the company. More that 95% of them were unauthorized and unfunded. It's beautiful what a thirst for knowledge will drive people to do.

Reform Blog said:

I think in time many of these people are going to get smart and just stop working for these companies.

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