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Ian Glendinning of Psybertron comments on my recent find of the WIKID Power hierarchy that adds Intelligence, Wisdom and Power to the usual Data-Information-Knowledge lineup.

Actually commenting on WIKID Power - I have to say that intelligence between knowledge and wisdon is a bit contrived, and in fact tends to devalue the definition of knowledge. Similarly I believe wisdom, is more to do with acquring deeper experience based knowledge, rather than simply application itself, which I see as relevant as soon as we reached "information" level. I think power is orthogonoal to all of these, raher than hierarchically above wisdom. Control or monoplisation of any level (data, info, knowledge) is a source of power (if not influence), which is where I came in.

I have to agree that there are more dimensions that formally represented in that WIKID Power model. But how to represent. Intelligence doesn't just come out of knowledge - it arrives through experimentation and experience in the real world. The dictionary definition talks about intelligence as the skilled use of reason.

And as I think about this, I conflate what I think of intelligence as wisdom too. The dictionary talks of wisdom in reference to a combination of knowledge, insight and judgment. These things do not necessarily arise from knowledge or intelligence alone.

The D-I-K hierarchy is limited by the view of bits-of-stuff, whereas our full understanding of these higher properties ecompasses much more than bits: experience, culture, context. Attempting to break everything into bits typically loses the meaning of the whole. As Ian suggests above, Power is orthogonal to all of these elements.

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Ian Coombe said:


The comment about intelligence indicates that it appears the reading of the WIKID Power hierarchy was not thorough enough to get a proper understanding of the model.

May I respectfully suggest that deferring to a dictionary deifintion is somewhat limited in advancing the understanding of the model. Yes, many dictionaries were consulted in the earliest of analyses - and found wanting.

As the model began taking shape, it was presented to various audiences - the feedback allowed it to continually develop to the point where it is now. This has now been presented internationally and at forums involving advanced military intelligence specialists (actually being opening key note presentation twice at advanced military intelligence courses, presented deep in military HQ in London, Washington and Australia and has survived an attempt to have it classified beyond top secret). The presentations were 3 x 20 min - thus allowing better understanding of the types of (and more advanced) issues mentioned in the comment.

To date, the challengers to this model only speak theoretically - getting pedantic with semantics. The reality of it is that in the practical sense, it has not been faulted - although many very clever minds have tried to offer some very intriguing situations against which to test the model! It has been SPECIFICALLY put to practical use in some very interesting scenarios.

Most recently this year, I have refined the model yet more (in an aha moment) and found some better explanations, but in essence, the WIKID hierarchy remains.

I plan to rejuvenate the presentation and offer it online in the next 12 months. Anyone genuinely interested can email me and I will ensure they get to see it first when published.

Sincere regards ... Ian

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