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Taking a break from knowledge management to announce the arrival of Graham Ivan Vinson at 7 pounds (3.18 kg) and healthy as can be. Need to sleep. I'll have more pictures up on my photo site when I get the time to do so.

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gsiemens said:

Hi Jack, Congrats!!! Nice to get some perspective on what's really important in life...:)

Lilia said:

Congratulations! Take your time, we will wait patiently :)

Clarke Ching said:

Congratulations. Nice picture.

Congratulations Jack. It's a terrific photo, full of light and life. Thanks for sharing it.


Congrats! Send my best wishes to you wife as well!

Jack -- You look both exhausted and beaming at the same time. Congrats and good luck to the three of you. -- Frank

Valdis said:

Congrats! What a happy dad! It's a day you never forget... take some time off and enjoy the experience.

Best of health to you and your family!

Marjolein said:

Hi Jack,
Gorgeous Graham's arrived! Isn't he worth every second of waiting? May you all recover soon and enjoy each other to the fullest.


Piers Young said:

Congratulations, Jack - wonderful to see such a huge smile! Best wishes to you and your family


judith said:

brilliant! congrats jack, et al! what wonderfully, happy news... best wishes... j.

Tommy said:

Congratulations! You got the best gift last year! It's my pleasure that I can share your happiness in tonight's class.

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Congrats Jack & family! We have No. 3 due in a couple of months, so we can be sleep deprived together. :-)

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