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If you are curious (or a student) about the Knowledge Management II course I'll be teaching, I've been collecting some useful links on under the cloc tag.  There isn't a lot there at the moment, but I keep finding new and interesting things that I may want to discuss or simply use as reference materials. 

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Tammy Green said:

Is this meant to be participatory or did you want to review links first?

jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

To clarify, the Delicious links are a sample of items I am finding and which have relevance to topics I wish to discuss in the course. Feel free to add your own 'cloc' tag to items you stumble across. We can then see what everyone thinks by examining the Delicious page for the cloc tag (, rather than my individual page.

Conveniently, is also an example of social software that I plan on discussing at some point in the class.

Andrew Mitchell said:

That link to the page for the cloc tag does not come up with anything useful because of the trailing bracket and period. The link should be:

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