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Bill Ives has listed a number (15 currently) of KM blogs in Some Knowledge Management Blogs (plus more in the comments).  Beyond the obvious blogs that talk about knowledge management, there are many people covering the topic as part of their larger blogging interest.  KnowledgeBoard has a listing of KM blogs.  I know Bill wasn't attempting to be exhaustive, but here are some more that I read regularly. 

There are many more amongst the 200+ feeds in my aggregator that talk about KM or personal KM or personal effectiveness.  I've given up on a blogroll for now, but I see possible value for this kind of exercise.  I could see that tying to a or other social bookmarking tool would be an interesting way to tag these blogs, and see how others think about the same blogs.

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» A Few More Knowledge Management Blogs from Redwood Asylum

Following up on the Bill Ives knowledge management blog list, Jack Vinson over at Read More

I would like to add our blog to the list, called Managing Knowledge Processes to the list:

Managing knowledge processes

It is a corporate blog aiming to compile resources related to methodology and process management in knowledge intensive organizations.

I've been blogging on my firsthand experience in implementing knowledge management at my organization. I try to provide a "real-world" look at the successes and challenges applying the theory of KM. My site can be found at

srinivasan said:

A good list and I really appreciate it. Can you also provide a list of blogs on other management subjects

» KM blog collections from Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Rather than making a list of my favorite KM blogs, which is always changing, why not make that list available to the public. And instead of a blogroll, why not put it somewhere everyone can use it. Viola, Blogdigger (and others). Read More

my blog on KM, but - it is in Hebrew -

» KM Resources via Stan Garfield from Knowledge Jolt with Jack

HP's Stan Garfield published a useful set of KM Resources in a article back in February. He lists Books, Periodicals, Blogs and other Web Sites. Read More

Bob Handwerk said:

My blog is dedicated to exploring ideas and trends in leadership with the goal of providing platforms for those seeking excellence.

AJ said:

interesting list of blogs, check this one out and see you if you find it interesting. ( )

Arjun Thomas said:

Another interesting article! Thanks for the post.


BPO Services Author Profile Page said:

Thank you for those links, will try to blog


SBL - BPO Services

Clear, concise, and informative. Thanks for the helpful sharing! Keep up the great work and I’ll continue to be a loyal reader as long as you continue to keep posting great stuff!


MattoG said:

Interesting post with a wealth of info which is useful keep it up.Cheers

kpo said:

This is a comprehensive yet concise post! Great job! Also, I would like to give a credit on your blog template, it is pleasing to the eye. I wish to apply this blog tips to my personal blog. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Perkins

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