New software headaches: Norton AntiSpam

Does anyone know why Norton AntiSpam 2005 seems to lock up with Outlook 2003?  It gives me a lovely toolbar with buttons for to move stuff in and out of the Spam folder.  And it seems to work the first time it reads email.  But when I try to set the options for NAS, it either doesn't respond at all or I get a partial window and it just sits there.  (More accurately, I am able to get to the options one time, but when I try again, I am given the heave-ho.)

The Symantec / Norton knowledge center is less than helpful, and they don't take email requests for support.  They'll happily take my money for a telephone support call, of course. 

This comes about because I just upgraded to the Norton Internet Security 2005 suite from an older version (it was $10 more than the renewal fee).  Norton AntiSpam comes along for the ride.

Where do I look?  What terminology do I use to start debugging this problem?

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Barry said:

Don't know (yet) but the same thing is happening to me - even after a clean uninstall & reinstall
I'll try to come back to you

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This entry was published on April 27, 2005 3:09 PM and has 1 comment(s).

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