Why might my domain be hidden

Completely selfish post here.  I've had comments from a number of people that they are having trouble getting to my website.  Obviously, if you are reading this, you can either get to my website or your aggregator is picking up my web feed.  I know I've had situations where the server I'm using goes down temporarily, but these generally get rectified quickly.


  1. Have you had problems getting to my website Knowledge Jolt, or to this weblog Knowledge Jolt with Jack?
  2. Do you know where I should begin looking to track down these kinds of problems?

Please contact me if you have a clue (jackvinson AT jackvinson DOT com). Thanks!

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Denham said:

No problem reaching either URL.

No problem here, Jack. I know that from time to time the various backbone providers have peering arguments that screw up the DNS resolution between big chunks of the net. Not sure how you fix it, but it usually resolves itself after a while. Might also be a routing table problem at a peering point somewhere. That should heal eventually, too.

jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

Another friend recommended WebSitePulse to monitor my website. Two people have indicated problems, but WebSitePulse hasn't said anything yet.

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