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I've decided to make the plunge and take Goldratt School's TOC Supply Chain Expert training course in preparation for participating on a viable vision project as an Application Expert.  The five-week course started today and my "can I do this" concerns dropped almost immediately as I saw how the course was going to be taught.  My biggest concerns were associated with learning the Goldratt "thinking processes," and these are part of the overall training.

I suspect, however, that to get really good, I will have to dive in and start using these skills on a more regular basis.

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George said:

I am interested in how your time with the TOC training went. About 10 years ago, my Cost Accounting professor has us read The Goal in a Masters class. I was a starving student, having returned to school in my early 30's, but told my wife then that I wanted to become a Jonah--even though it initially cost about 10k at the time. I have been a "fan" of TOC ever sense but have never been able to be in on an implementation of Goldratt's theories. A company I work for does physician billing and the billing office is a system's wreck. Just ripe for TOC - but too much resistance.

Well, enjoy your blog and share your enthusiasm for TOC etc.

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Val said:

Hi Jack,

It may appear a dumb question to you, but what is the relationship between TOC ICO and Goldratt School/Institute? Thanks.


jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

TOC ICO and Goldratt Schools are separate entities. TOC ICO does certification of TOC practitioners to provide some semblance of standards for the practice.

Goldratt Schools are part of the Goldratt Group, consisting of the schools, Goldratt Consulting and Goldratt Marketing. The schools provide TOC education, though they are not the only providers. Consulting is the main body doing Viable Vision projects. And Marketing focus on the Goldratt "Solution for Sales" methodology.

There is also the AGI-Goldratt Institute, which I think is a third entity. They also do consulting and education.

It's all very confusing to me, even as a (beginning) expert. I understand that there were some conflicts between the members of all these organizations as to who owned what parts of the TOC intellectual property. I don't know the details of that history.

John Tripp said:

I would like to help clarify the comment about the fall out with regard to intellectual property.

The organisations you mentioned above work together to support users of TOC. There has been no fall out between these groups or individuals.

The conflict over ownership of TOC terms was between the Dr Goldratt the founder and inventor and I think three of his partners in the TOC Institute based in the US. These partners decided to trade mark some of the TOC terms and processes after Dr Goldratt retired form the management of the institute. There has been no real falling out except for this dispute. The wider body of TOC experts have ignored this trade marking as it is largely an academic exercise and does not affect our relationship with customers or the service we provide to them, which is after all the important thing. I hope this helps.
John Tripp

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