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Thanks to far too much time on my hands, I have now hand-coded a tag cloud for this blog: Knowledge Jolt with Jack Tag Cloud.

I started with Learning Movable Type's How to Make a Subject Index for Your Movable Type Blog.  From there, I jumped to to Al-Muhajabah for the essential tag cloud code.  And then I also found Kent Bye's Echo Chamber Project Tag Cloud Font Distribution Algorithm to be helpful.  Then it was just a matter of beating my head on the table enough times to make it work (and look) right.

The twist for me was that I also wanted to use my existing categories within the tag cloud, because I have only begun adding tags to my posts since the beginning of the year.  At this point, most of the large items in the cloud are related to categories, but I suspect that will change over time.  I also intend to go back through my archives and add tags to the entries. 

The page lists tags in frequency order, then in alphabetical order.  I separated out only-used-once tags and list those alphabetically as well.  When you click on a tag you are given a search results page that lists the matching entries.  And in the right column, you are given a list of all the other tags and categories that I used in the listing.  When you click on an entry that is a category, you are taken to the category archive.  As of now, the category archive does not have the associated tags.

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This is awesome. I've been looking to do a Tag Cloud as well on one of my sites. Thanks for pointing to the resources you used.

See you at BlawgThink! Jack.

David Buchan Author Profile Page said:

Well done Jack. If I may offer a suggestion, it's that you expand the line spacing between lines on the tagcloud. The single-entry section is very difficult to scan. Many tag clouds suffer from this as they get bigger. Suggest CSS would be line-height: 1.3em or something like that.

FPics said:

You can employ more than one color with discretion.

One way to use colors in your cloud tag:
- select a main color, assign it to the biggest font;
- "blend" this color for smaller fonts.
A "coloring" example at

Great source. Thanks a lot!

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