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Has anyone figured out how to make MindManager mind maps searchable? There appears to be no plug-in and no way for Google or the others to peer into the MindManager files. If I am going to store much of my knowledge in mind maps, they had better be searchable.

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Brett Author Profile Page said:

I was trying to figure that out too, but not much luck. Like an individual file in other applications (such as MS Office), individual maps in MindManager 6 are searchable. I had hoped that the search would also extend to linked maps, which help keep the size of maps smaller. Unfortunately, it didn't.

Interestingly, if you export a map as .pdf file, that .pdf file is searchable with Google Desktop (for instance). I guess one (not very good) workaround would be save maps as .pdf each time you change it.

Hopefully someone will write a Google plug-in soon.

Brett Author Profile Page said:

Was putting together some notes from a conference in MindManager on the flight back from LA yesterday and found a way to at least search your maps from inside MindManager.

Tucked off to the right side, oriented vertically instead of horizontally, is a tab labeled "Search." This gives you the option to "Look in:" a few different preset places - All Open Maps, Current Map, My Projects, My Maps - or to browse for the folders you want to search.

Still doesn't allow for a search of maps from outside MindManager, but at least it allows you to search all of your maps from a single interface inside MindManager. Would be nice if these options were available from the more immediately visible search field on the map interface.

Hobart Swan Author Profile Page said:

We are very aware of this issue. As soon as Google released their desktop search and desktop search plug-in API, Mindjet Labs tried to download it to try to build a plug-in because we saw the obvious value in indexing MindManager files. We were stopped in our tracks because the Google Destop Toolbar was incompatible with our Virus Scanning Software. The most recent version of the Google Toolbar is now installable, so we are investigating it.

We will blog about this when we have enabled the Google search. You might want to check out the Mindjet Labs at This is where we will post the Google indexing tool when we finish it, and where we post new MindManager extensions and add-ins. The Research Pane and the External Linker are particularly interesting.

» MindManager maps now Google Desktop Search-able from Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Ask and ye shall receive. MindManager maps are searchable. And a long-silent blogger has popped up elsewhere. Read More

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