MindManager maps now Google Desktop Search-able

Ask and ye shall receive.

A few weeks back, I asked the Lazyweb if there was a way to find text within MindManager maps via any of the desktop search tools.  Mindjet Labs have come through with Google Desktop Plug-in for MindManager Maps.  Many thanks to Hobie Swan for pushing the issue, and special thanks to Lab guru Michael Scherotter for making it happen.  I've just installed it and will need to wait for the next indexing before seeing the full results.

And in another ask-and-ye-shall-receive moment, I ranted about people moving web feeds without providing sufficient warning.  A few days later, Ray Ozzie posted that he has moved to his third blog.  Thanks for letting us know.  (And, no, I have not idea if it was my fault.)

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If you want to try out the Google indexing immediately, open a map, save it, and then search for a term using Google Desktop Search.

Michael S. Scherotter
Mindjet Labs

Tris Hussey said:

Thanks Jack! W00t! I've got them all installed!

I love MM. It's like a back up brain for me.


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This entry was published on November 18, 2005 10:31 AM and has 3 comment(s).

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