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Hogart birth 011Another break in our regular programming for the arrival of Hogarth Gordon Vinson on March 27th.  Time to introduce v1 to his baby brother.

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Congratulations Jack, a lot of fun and stress ahead :-). (And I'm amazed you found time to answer my mails earlier today.)

Luis Suarez said:

Congratulations, Jack ! I wish you all the best in this new adventure ;-) .Plenty of fun times ahead of you and your family. Enjoy it !

Congratulations Jack!

I will always remember the date, since I was also born on March the 27th (31 years before Hogarth).

Sylvie said:

A few days late, but congratulations!

Congratulations! Hope everyone is well?

Margaret said:

Congratulations! It was wonderful to see the pictures. So, does this mean you'll have an especially young grad assistant when you teach KM II this quarter?

Best wishes

Jack, congratulations!

Fell a bit stupid now having emailed about work without realising about so important things in your life...

Ben Wechsler said:

Mazeltov Jack! Hope the family is doing well. Give my best to Mama and v1!

Noreen Kelly said:


Congratulations to you and Marci on the birth of Hogarth ... a buddy for Graham!

All the best.


Sharon said:

Awww, congratulations... hey, you'll be able to use those sleepless nights writing blog posts ;-) Best wishes to the family.

tom sherman Author Profile Page said:

My best to you!

Roger Quon said:

Congratulations Jack and Marci!

Is there a knowledge management model for raising kids? Please let me know!

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