Inner Life of a Leader

Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change has an interesting talk coming up on May 1st: The Inner Life of a Leader with Dan McAdams.

During times of change and turmoil in communities and organizations, we need leaders who are committed to making the world around them a better place for future generations. Tragic stories from Enron to Katrina have left many people questioning the state of leadership in the United States. Where are the uplifting stories of leaders who have made a positive difference, and is there something to learn from these stories? Fortunately, the stories of people who exhibit positive leadership have been studied and will be the subject of McAdams’ talk.

Dan McAdams, Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence in the School of Education and Social Policy, is the author of more than 150 articles and chapters and 14 books, including his recently released The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By. McAdams is a leader in the recent emergence within the social sciences of narrative approaches to studying human lives—approaches that place stories and storytelling at the center of personal effectiveness and generativity.

This is the department in which I teach a knowledge management class.

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Tim Thomas said:

Hi, Jack,

After browsing Dan P. MacAdams' offerings a bit, I'm struck again how all things pedological lead me back to my passion for homeschooling. No, not because of any religious convictions, but rather to generate in my children both excellence and leadership (or at least being a non-follower and end up as exec's like Enron).

Yet, I work for a University in my day job and spend a good deal of time thinking about COPs, community (which my children have less of in some ways and more of in others) and its impact on me and my career.

I see the family's chosen sport of Judo as a community with all the promise and problems of a COP. Dogmatism mixed with discovery.

And stories permeate it all. Stories of "unschooling" and judo triumphs, and Evil Exec's.

Tim Thomas

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