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I just read some discussion at AOK which suggests that maybe the connection between knowing, telling and writing isn't quite so linear as Polanyi and Snowden suggest.
Lisa Beckers, Americas Regional Knowledge Manager for Deloitte Consulting LLP (division of Deloitte & Touche) will provide a "Report from the Front Lines of KM Offshoring" at the next KM Chicago meeting, 13 June, 5-7 pm.
Shawn Callahan of Anecdote poses a great question in What are knowledge behaviours? Shawn's list focuses on those behaviors assoicated with the idea of knowledge appearing in the interaction between people. There are also knowledge behaviors aligned with the individual.
I recently came across "Avoiding Information Overload: Knowledge Management on the Internet" by Adam Bostock. He is interested in enabling people to get more out of their online experience.
This is mostly a fun toy at this point, but I do agree with Matt's assessment, " Well I've no idea if it has any use but this Website as a Graph think surely makes [things] look pretty."
Blogroll angst is caused by the mental anguish of maintaining the list in an interface that's difficult to manage. Just give up the blogroll altogether.
Adam Kalsey is getting Policy scars from 37signals: "policies are like scar tissue: they're created as an overreaction to a negative experience and hurt, not help an organization."
Interesting thoughts from Jim McGee on "What comes after 'keeping up'?" based on a post by Kathy Sierra's recent post on "the myth of keeping up." A personal something management system would make sense.
My third blogiversary came and went last week without my noticing. In celebration, I'd like to offer something back to my readers in the form of a contest.
Tom Baldwin points to a ZDNet UK news item by Ina Fried that suggests a Microsoft entree to knowledge management software: "Microsoft search wants to pick your brain."
I had a discussion recently with someone who asked me, as a knowledge managment strategist, how I would address the issue of getting buy-in from several different division heads for a IT-based KM project. I've got some idea for an answer, and Martin Dugage helped me think about a different angle.
Alexander Johannsen provides some interesting (and long) discussion about how he is using a wiki in his work environment in "Wiki as a KM and PM tool."
Shawn Callahan writes Intervention design - an example of the power of focus. The Theory of Constraints spends a lot of time helping people focus on the right thing.
On a comment in my recent item on NewsGator Inbox and GreatNews, Brad Feld suggested I have a look at NewsGator's stand alone reader, FeedDemon. It looks nice, but also fails my personal brain-finger cognitive test.
At Thinking Faster, Jeffrey Phillips is thinking about how we collaborate and share knowledge in the organization of today. Are you isolated or connected?
One of the questions that came up at the Academic KM discussion was whether there was a job track for people studying knowledge management, like there is for lawyers or engineers or MBA's.
I have a look at the recent NewsGator Inbox and at GreatNews. I might stick with GreatNews.
Ark Group are continuing their law-and-KM series of conferences. I attended the one in New York in February, and I am sure this will be interesting as well. Integrating Information & KM Architectures in the Legal Profession, 13-14 June 2006, Toronto, Canada.
KM Chicago hosted a panel discussion of area academics who have knowledge management components to their programs. All three programs acknowledge the wide breadth of "what is KM" and bring in perspectives from many disciplines, even though their academic backgrounds are different.
As many people have already commented, Dave Winer has re-created his OPML-sharing tool. You can upload your OPML file for people to see who (and what) you subscribe to.
Research by Catherine Connelly at McMaster University talks about the topic of knowledge hiding (hoarding) and the preponderance of that behavior.
At Strange Attractor, Suw Charman provides "An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise" that applies to adoption of any major intervention.
"Then I moved to Seattle, and started drinking more coffee."
Seth Kahan interviews HBS professor John Kotter on Kotter's approach to change, leadership and storytelling. Storytelling is the focus of what's posted in the interview.
Networlding is looking for the Best Networkers in the World. They've got a wide variety of nominees already, and are looking for more. The deadline is May 15th.
Dinesh Tantri asks Is Social Software Necessary Sufficient For KM? He's got some great thoughts overall, but I keyed in on his two classes of problem that need to be addressed.

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