Blogiversary 3 and an offer

My third blogiversary came and went last week without my noticing.  (Well, I noticed, but I was on a family vacation.)  What fun this is.

In celebration, I'd like to offer something back to my readers in the form of a contest.  Point me to something you think I'll find interesting, and I will send you coffee or tea from Casteel Coffee.  How?  Use to save websites you think might be interesting to me and tag it with the for:username structure (in my case for:jackvinson) that will drop the item into my inbox.  (I'll really see it by monitoring the web feed in my aggregator.) 

I'll run the contest on a month-to-month basis, with awards on the 18th.  Oh, and if you have an odd name, please let me know who you are.

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Nancy White said:

Hey, happy blogiversary a week late. Great idea! (My blogoversary #2 is today, but I am not nearly as ambitious as you in developing a mode of celebration!)

» Blogiversary contest winner from Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Last month I made a request to my readers to point me at interesting websites via the for:jackvinson structure. The winner is Zesmerelda, who pointed me to InnoCentive. Read More

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