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I have this "friend" who is really into steam trains.  He's gotten a couple wonderful hour-long DVD's of steam train excursions, sold by a variety of train aficionados.  I've also discovered one great website, Mid-Hants Railway, that has dozens of short videos that are perfect.

Do you know of similar resources?  Thanks!

UPDATE 12 August 2006: According to my visitor logs, this is a very popular entry. I have yet to find other sources of video that I can download like at the Mid-Hants Railway page. But, many of the UK-based rail museums and enthusiasts posts photos and some video. The trouble I have is that the video is frequently embedded Flash or other players that make it difficult to download directly.  (My friend likes watching them over and over again.) 

Here are some useful pages and searches:

UPDATE: 29 August 2006.

I just discovered another mother-lode of videos and links to more at Steam on the Web. There are several galleries of videos, and the owner links out to even more photos and videos elsewhere.

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Joe said:

Rather old post, but there is a newer site out that offers free steam train videos as well at http://www.trainvideos.net

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