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Dennis Kennedy has taken another shot at "Explaining Blogs and RSS: A Primer," and I figure I can take a shot too.
In an email to a wide audience, KMPro announced that they've designated October as international "Knowledge Management Month."
Small, unscripted "unconferences" akin to punk rock while the big major conferences are like arena rock.
The American Library Association has an annual Banned Books Week to remind people that "Free People Read Freely."
I'm upgrading to the latest version of MovableType. Hopefully, I will get it all done and all my plugins restored.
Create your own demotivational poster. (Thanks to Lisa Haneberg.)
Clay Shirky introduces me to the term "social fact" in relation to experts. And in-depth article on expertise from Scientific American gets me thinking.
Patrick Lambe has a great piece, A Brief History of Arrangement, that describes the fields of taxonomy, classification, and categorization, and the art of arrangement were quite similar and how they diverged.
InnovationWell is holding its next conference in the Philadelphia area on 16-19 October. As part of that they are holding an Open Event on Knowledge Management in R&D and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks on the 17th.
Last week's technology column by Kevin Maney in USA Today discussed Wisdom of Crowds as an idea and the book. The article seemed fairly well-balanced to me.
The Special Libraries Association has started its own Knowledge Management Division.  Here is their description: The Knowledge Management (KM) Division focuses on the characteristics and processes through which organizations facilitate the creation, sharing and use of knowledge. The Division's approach to knowledge management is characterized by: an interest in all dimensions...
David Armano has an interesting idea for mapping the dynamic behavior of linking across the blogosphere, "Influence Ripples 2.0." The drawing is beautiful, and I would love to see this animated across time.
It turns out that I am most like William Gibson, if I were to be a science fiction writer. Sadly, I haven't read his material.
David Snowden has an item on Reality avoidance that makes a connection to some thoughts on project execution in the Critical Chain Project Management world.
Dave Chu lobs another definition / description of knowledge into the mix with Knowledge: Not "What It Is" but "How to think". I have come across this kind of definition before, but it's never felt right.
James Spillane will be speaking on Distributed Leadership at Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change's first Innovator Lecture of the year on October 3rd at the AON Center in Chicago's Loop.
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang at IFTF's Future Now has coined "The Nunberg Error" when people think of the future as insufficiently diffferent from today, particularly on a cultural basis. This also includes a reference to the plastic living room.
In "Writing is Also Important" Francis Dion talks about finding an interesting article on reading and writing.
At the HyperAdvance Blog, Bruce LaDuke writes about the Neats vs. Scruffies debate in AI circles. He also defines intelligence differently than I might.
The 12 September meeting of KM Chicago will host one of my masters advisees, Rickie Tinimbang, discussing his capstone research, The Knowledge Brain Drain.
Shawn Callahan provides a review of an article from the Journal of Knowledge Management: "Three-dozen knowledge sharing barriers." And another book to read, this time from Szulanski.
Or... Could a built-in "help" system be knowledge management? The Act-KM group has been talking about Microsoft's infamous Clippy and how the MS Office and other "help" systems potentially relates to knowledge management.

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