KM Chicago: The Knowledge Brain Drain

The 12 September meeting of KM Chicago will host Rickie Tinimbang, discussing his capstone research, The Knowledge Brain Drain.  He is one of my masters advisees from Northwestern's LOC program.

Mr. Tinimbang is interested in the problem of the retiring workforce, as senior employees leave companies due to retirement, leaving a smaller workforce with less experience. How will this impact the companies they leave? What can businesses do about it?

One option is to ensure knowledge transfer from the senior staff to junior staff through mentoring programs. Mr. Tinimbang will report on the mentoring program at a leading Fortune 500 company that specializes in risk management and consulting services.

As always, we are meeting from 5 pm in a Loop location and up in Northbrook.  Check the KM Chicago website for details.

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Bob Handwerk said:

A truly interesting and timely topic. We ask our clients about their leadership benchstrenght. I'd be interesting in his ideas for smaller firms with limited capacity for mentoring.

Jack - will you be reporting on this meeting? I'd love to contact the author and read his research; this is a topic that interests me greatly, e.g., here are some of my own blog entries on the topic:

jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

Unfortunately, no. In the near future I hope to report on Rickie's research and provide his executive summary.

James Taylor said:

Check out this interesting post from Rolando on managing brain drains by comparing BP's corrosion fiasco to a better managed process.

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