Unconferences are punk rock

Once again, the Act-KM mailing list turns up an entertaining discussion.  Over the past week, people have been discussing the relative merits of conference styles, primarily juxtaposing the heavily-promoted, big-name-speaker-driven events with smaller, usually-local events (unconferences).

One of the participants made the connection to rock and roll promotion.  The big events are like arena rock: big stars draw large audiences to scripted shows with support acts to fill the gaps.  And the small events are like punk rock: smaller venues, smaller audiences, with the opportunity for the attendees and the band to interact.

Does that make the promoters record labels?

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Dennis Kennedy said:

This post rocks!

If you've ever had the chance to see the documentary film about The Clash called "Rude Boy," you'll know immediately why Jack's analogy is so apt, especially the emphasis on the opportunity for band and audience to interact. There's a memorable scene where the band talks about that dynamic and I recalled it vividly as I read your post, even though it's been years since I saw the movie.

Thanks for reminding me of a great memory and giving me something to think about.

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