Innovation Challenge looking for judges

I've judged projects for the Innovation Challenge the last two years, and it's been interesting.  The projects are presented as proposed products or services, and judges rate them based on a number of defined criteria.  The primary time commitment is in reading and reviewing the entries.

They are looking for some more judges.  The email announcement goes like this:

Help Determine the 2006 Innovation Challenge®  Finalists

Once accepted, you'll be evaluating fresh new ideas submitted by teams of top MBA students from around the world online for this year’s global sponsors (Hilton Hotels, DaimlerChrysler, Whirlpool, OPEN from American Express, GE Money and M&M Chocolate Candies). As you know, our esteemed judging panel is tasked with selecting the Top 10 Most Innovative MBA Teams in the World who will compete at the final round at the Darden School of Business.


You'll join our community of over 180 world-class innovation practitioners and researchers from business and academia, and your background and work will be accessible to all site visitors and event participants. This year, 440 teams from 88 universities in over 15 countries enrolled in the competition.

We'd like you to contribute your valuable perspective to the next generation of business leaders, but we are also confident you'll learn something from them.

**To register 



Also, keep in mind that this is a minimal time commitment on your part:
you'll judge up to 15 concept plans of two pages each during Phase II judging from October 15th- 24th. At a maximum of 30 minutes per plan, you will spend 5-7 hours scoring plans over these nine days. 

**For more information on the judging process

**See who's competing

**View video highlights

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