KM Chicago: a Knowledge Cafe

The November 14th KM Chicago meeting will be a Knowledge Cafe.

The topic for the knowledge cafe of this next meeting on November 14th, 2006 at 5 pm will be: "How can corporations combine Talent Management with Knowledge Retention? - the challenge of combining deep business experience from long-time employees with the fresh talent of new employees."

As usual we are offering two locations to participate - Downtown at Factiva and in Northbrook at Allstate, as well as a conference number.

Knowledge Cafes are simple, but effective means of getting people together to talk and share knowledge about specific topics, following simple rules. If you are interested, a good source for more information about knowledge cafes is:

For detailed information and any latest updates, please refer to the sidebars of this website:

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Bloggerin said:

Knowledge Cafe?

What an interesting idea! Young and old together. I think it will be a really great challenge to combine the experiences of older employees with the fresh talent of the young employees. People are very different! I mean the way they feel and how they act. I suppose that it is not a question of age or combination. For me it's a question of different caracters. Your idea of a Knowledge Cafe could also be an interesting possibility for Germany. Best wishes...

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