What makes your wheels turn?

Nimmy at "Aa..ha! [Thinking Inside the Blog!]" has an entertaining Analogy for KM

I have a favourite analogy to make busy business managers think about the need for KM. And that is:

If your destination is the customer…
The road map, the business strategy…
The vehicle, the organization…
The champion, the CEO
The engine, the employees…
And the wheels, the business processes…
What is the fuel that your business runs on?


Does the fuel need to be managed (asks Nimmy), or is it our responsibility to make sure the tank is full (and regularly replenished)?  It's probably much more interesting to have the vehicle following the interesting routes. 

I'm getting a brain cramp with attempts to stretch this analogy.

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Nimmy said:

:D Get out of the car and maybe it'll be easy to stretch (the analogy);-)
Yup...as long as we ensure we have enough fuel, we can keep cruising along and enjoy the scenary....what? :)

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