Surprise announcement: there is a dark side of blogging

A friend, who is considering a blog, pointed me to this rather negative article by Michael A. Stelzner at The Dark Side of Blogging: Warnings From Leading Bloggers

Perhaps you are contemplating blogging? Maybe you are a blogger thinking of calling it quits? Leading bloggers have some important warnings for you.

And the warnings?  Blogging can be addictive.  Blogging consumes your time.  You might get spam comments.  Oh, and there are tons of blogs out there.  More as you read this sentence.

While I agree that these things happen, blogs can also be incredibly effective means of communicating with an audience that you don't even know exists.  I've said it before: I've found work and connections that just wouldn't have happened via other means.

I see this kind of article fitting with the hype cycle.  "Blogs are great" becomes "Blogs are scary" becomes "Blogs are useful" becomes "Blogs have warts too."  It's interesting that this article focuses on the actual mechanics of blogging, rather than all the hyperbole of people saying things they regret, which is useful. 

If I were to write a trade article on the topic, the short form would be

Not everyone should be blogging. 

Many people figure it out before they start, and some figure it out after.

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Matt Moore said:

Should Blogger & Typepad have warning screens when you want to set up a blog saying:

- Is Your Blog Really Necessary?
- Do you have more than 3 posts in you?
- Do you have the emotional maturity of an adult?
- Could you use some other communication medium for what you want to say (we hear that passenger pigeon is just groovy)?

Blogging may involve time & energy. Park Rangers from Nebraska may spam your comments field. Probably no one will read what you have to say (except your mum & she's just saying that to make you feel better).


Thanks for covering my article. I wanted to talk reality with some big name bloggers.

I found many of these experiences are widely held and new bloggers deserve to know the truth.

I also covered something I called contentjacking as a followon discussion on my blog.


tom sherman said:

And another thing: Just because you do have a blog and can think of things to write, you don't have to produce 14 articles per day. I'm sick of my feed reader filled with crap. Some bloggers seem to be treating this whole thing as an arms race. Quality over quantity, folks.

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