Compiling academic KM programs

I am compiling a list of academic programs that have knowledge management courses or programs.  I've got a decent list below, but I know I am missing some programs.  I'd appreciate any pointers you can provide to more of these programs. 

Academic knowledge management programs

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Patty Y said:

Shout out for my ole alma mater-

Syracuse University has several courses on Knowledge Management and in more than one school. I know of courses in the Masters and/or Doctoral programs in the School of Education and School of Information Studies. I also think there are some courses or research being done on KM in their Whitman School of Business.

I was heading for their IDDE program before I moved to Chicago, so I guess I'd have still gotten my fingers wet in KM.

Dan Alpert said:

Add to your list the KM program at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa or Norman.

Francois W said:

The University of Johannesburg (South Africa) in the Information Management Department also does a course on Knowledge Management as part of Organisational Information Management.

Curtis Conley said:

Northern Illinois University has a few courses which have components of KM in different departments.

In the college of business, KM is a component discussed in a couple of strategic management courses (both at the graduate and undergraduate level).

KM is also featured in the Adult and Higher Education department in the college of Ed. Since HRD is a big component of the department, a couple of classes discuss KM and one course actually focuses only on KM, OL, & LO.

I've been told that other departments (which I'm much less familiar with) also have components which discuss KM (Educational Technology, Research and Assessment department & Computer Science come to mind).

Mandy said:

Mercer University's MS in Technical Communication Management has a KM component.

julie cavender said:

My alma mater: University of Denver (DU). The MLIS program has a Knowledege Management concentration ( The LIS program also collaborates with the University College to offer a Master's of Applied Science in Knowledge and Information Technologies (

Jack, George Washington University has an Institute for Knowledge and Innovation .
Also, the Navy Post-Graduate School in Monterey, CA has a couple of courses on knowledge management taught by Dr. Mark Nissen.

Jay said:

Cass Business school in London, UK has an Information Management module.

Boris said:

Jack and others,

would appreciate if you join and contribute to my KM Education wiki (

The aim of the wiki is to establish the most comprehensive source for education and training programs in knowledge management and related fields. Currently there are 69 universities and 16 training providers from all over the world listed.


Andre Saito in Japan has compiled a very good list of KM programmes at Master's level.

Hi, Jack.

I linked to your post from

Here is another academic KM site:
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory


Hilda Kruger said:

Hello Jack,

The University of Stellenbosch [South Africa] presents a Masters Programme in Information and Knowledge Management -

Keep well,

Liz said:

Ugh, I went the traditional MLIS route when what I really wanted was a KM program/degree like the one Dominican U. has. Does anyone know if any of these programs are or will be available by distance learning? I hope so as I'm past the point professionally and academically where I can move and devote a year or more to another graduate degree. I hope the universities are thinking creatively when it comes to enticing students to join their programs.

jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

I don't think you are completely out of luck with your MLS degree. The basic discipline of librarianship is an important aspect of knowledge management that isn't always appreciated. You get to learn how to sell this aspect to the powers that be.

As far as distance education, the only programs I know of right now are both new. Kent State is doing something with their Information Architecture and Knowledge Management program ( with a specific "Online Certificate in KM." And the Special Libraries Association has recently announced a KM Certificate program ( that is to start in the winter.

For what it's worth, making the decision to "go virtual" is not an easy one for many schools. At Northwestern we've been talking about the idea for a year or two. There is clearly a desire in the marketplace, it is just that there hasn't been a good way to figure out how the department would integrate distance education classes into the rest of the curriculum. Specifically, if the department starts distance ed, do they offer the entire curriculum online? Or just one or two courses as incentives to come to the program full time? And there are plenty of other internal discussions within the larger organization as well.

Jessica O. said:

The McGill School of Information Studies has a KM specialization. It's pretty comprehensive, but lacks a practical component. KM has a tendency to be very theoretical so bringing it back down to earth is always a good thing!

Donneda said:

I am a KM PhD student at Walden University. Their program is all online. While it isn't for the weak-hearted, I am in the dissertation phase and hope to graduate in August.

Online education can be very alienating and a support system is a must for anyone attempting a doctoral degree.

Anyway, I liked the KM program and feel as though I've learned a lot. My dissertation is on Risk Intelligence.

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