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The Wise Camel has an entertaining 5 Step Guide to Exacting Revenge that might worry anyone who is trying to control their online reputation.

Get revenge by controlling what information people find out about a person when a search is done on that person’s name. Here are the 5 easy steps to accomplish this...

The steps involve using blogs and other free services to set up revenge-blogs to say things about the person in question.  Then, when people search for the name, your pettiness comes up first in the results.

I believe this post is done in fun, but the only counter to this happening can be deciding NOW to control my own online presence by setting up those spaces myself.

Thanks to George, who sent this to me offline. 

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1) kind of scary, doesn't sound like fun
2) do you have reason to believe someone will be after your reputation like this? I know big companies go after squatters on various urls (like companynamesucks dot net, com, etc) but for the average person, even one with decent page rank, it seems excessive and paranoid to create accounts on all of the various sites with all of the versions of your name. Might be really annoying if there is another person who happens who have the same first and last name.

I guess I really can't say as I haven't been in that situation (thank goodness!) but a more measured response (even legal?) might be more effective.

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