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I've been having some trouble with mail to jackvinson.com bouncing to the senders. If this is happening to you, I'd appreciate your letting me know via jackvinson AT comcast DOT net.
Jenny Ambrozek is using a wiki to create a well-researched article on Connected Intelligence for The Knowledge Tree. I've started participating, and she has opened the invitation to anyone who is interested.
Lou Paglia has engendered an interesting discussion with "Knowledge is the important word" in KM at his blog. He suggests a shift to thinking "knoweldge enablement" instead of "control."
Matt Hodgson had some interesting thoughts on "Meeting needs - why social computing works." He wrote in reaction to another blog posting, which nearly illustrates the point.
Anne Zelenka at Web Worker Daily had some interesting thoughts about a different mode of productivity that isn't harmed by multi-tasking. "Connected Mode: Multitasking for Productivity."
Michael Hugos has an entertaining piece in CIO India, "Body Language of Knowledge Management."
Another interesting discussion from Sig at Thingamy: mindless stuff and leadership vs. management. He starts with an example of "managing" teenagers and gets to the key that they can only be led.
Luis Suarez has a report on Bob Buckman's discussion from the APQC conference. I particularly liked this tidbit on knowledge-is-power: "Don’t be afraid to share what you know, because you know it better than anyone else!"
I've been looking at using one of the social networking services to extend the reach of a growing community of ~200 people. Does LinkedIn's or Facebook's group feature make sense?
Several weeks ago, a friend forwarded me the links to two Toby Redshaw (CVP of IT Strategy at Motorola) interviews with Dan Bricklin. Redshaw has rolled out blogs and wikis at Motorola, and the discussion of their impact has me recalling the history of knowledge management.
Someone from my local cycling club forwarded a link to David Byrne's journal entry on "Bicycles in NYC." While I've never had the pleasure of cycling in NYC, I have biked in Philadelphia and Chicago.
C. G. Lynch at CIO.com has Seven Reasons for Your Company to Start an Internal Blog from the just-completed Enterprise 2.0 conference.
A former student forwarded me the Karl Wiig article, "Knowledge management: Where did it come from and where will it go?" from 1997. I decided I wanted to read through to see how well Wiig predicted the future.
Dennis McDonald is looking to survey people who are using blogs to support their project management work, either as the sole tool or in conjunction with other PM tools.
I've been sealed! The official seal generator gives you a bunch of options to create your own seal. Have at it.
Kaye Vivian takes a new spin on knowledge silos that highlights an important aspect of how and why they arise in business.
Matt Hodgson has pointed me to the writings of Anne Zelenka and a discussion they've been having about Peter Drucker and the implications of Drucker's thinking on work in a Web2.0 world.
I was interviewed for an article on KM in legal departments for Inside Counsel. "Step-by-step guide to a successful KM initiative" has been published in the June 2007 issue, and I am quoted along with Dennis Kennedy and several others.
Patrick Lambe turned up an article on the nature of the information architecture community that seems to have a lot of parallels in the knowledge management community.
Just to be clear that Director Magazine is completely negative on blogging, here is an article in the May 2007 issue, Strategic business blogging by Matthew Stibbe.
A friend pointed me to "Blame and Shame" in the June 2006 Director Magazine. I didn't find anything particularly new in the article, but my friend pointed out the complete slant toward "corporate blogs are dangerous" is an overblown stance.
For those that have been following my blog for at least three months, you'll know that I've had my students reading blogs and keeping their own. Here is a summary of that experience.
The speaker, Chris Fletcher, is responsible for Knowledge Management in the Asia Pacific region for the consulting practice of Deloitte.
There is a running discussion in the blogosphere on layers of a social networks and how trust or value is tied to each layer.
Business Week has an article that talks about A Struggle Between Efficiency And Creativity at 3M. It's a classic problem: tighten down operations and innovation gets squelched.
Not my usual reading, but C. Wess Daniels has been doing some thinking on community. "Some Problems with Online Christian Communities | And Why You Should Stay Away."
Okay, a bunch of technology bloggers have covered this, but flickrvision is the coolest thing I've seen for wasting time in quite a while.

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