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Jenny Ambrozek is using a wiki to create a well-researched article on Connected Intelligence for The Knowledge Tree.  I've started participating, and she has opened the invitation to anyone who has the time and interest at the Connected Intelligence wikispace.

Co-creating an Article on Learning, Participation, Connected Intelligence & Organizations for The Knowledge Tree: You're Invited

This article writing experiment to co-create a thought piece on "Learning Through Participation and Connected Intelligence:Adapting Organisations to Maximise Potential Benefits" began with a Nancy White conversation a year ago. Thanks Nancy for making the connection to Jo Murray The Knowledge Tree editor.

My thinking on the idea of connected intelligence ranges from SNA to social networking to communities to the basics of how people communicate and learn from one another.

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Jack, THANK YOU for sharing our experiment using a wiki to co-create an article on "learning through participation and connected intelligence". A growing number of dimensions and I'm seeing more and more how organizational network analysis is a key tool. For example, I just had a wonderful exchange with Robin Ciuro from Anecdote about story telling. Robin introduced me to "YARNING UP", a term she learnt from Anecdote Circles including Australian Aboriginals. "YARNING UP" gets your attention doesn't it? And especially mine given what I know from Rob Cross's Network Roundtable research about the personal network structures of high performers in organizations. Their networks map OUT and UP. Intriguing?

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