Co-creation is not an option

Matt Moore has some great comments on the idea of co-creation and participation in today's web.  Creative Ecologies (or why my genius is unimportant), starting with some statistics about how a fraction of people are creating content and related to the 1% Rule.  From the end of Matt Moore's post:

To understand the inputs into and impacts from social media, we have to see these invisible ecologies of creation that form & reform. These ecologies have long pre-dated the internet but now we see them more.

To repeat, co-creation is not an option, it is the default...

"Co-creation is not an option," I like it.  We work together naturally.  Actually, we shift back and forth between solo work and collaborative work.  I can't do my solo work without the inspiration of talking, reading and seeing patterns.  Similarly, my collaborative work is informed by personal reflection as well as reflections with my colleagues.

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Ken said:

When I think of co-creation, I also think about program/applications that are not the sexy wiki/blog/Web 2.0 stuff. I also think of regular IT applications, paper documents and the like. I always need to remember that KM is not about the technology but the building of knowledge bases, sharing that knowledge, and creating new knowledge from that which has been shared. Be it a wiki, blog or Content management system, -or- a well written report about findings in a study, updating the comments input box in a windows application, AS/400 app or that paper file. Then creating ways to share this with others who need to know.

My wife who works in a hospital is always talking about how poorly people update patient carts with important information about the case. This needed co-creation IS Knowledge Management TOO!!

I was going to write something about creativity based on Matt Moore’s article but Jack beat me to it. I know some people are trying to think hard about exactly what is the nature of creativity. Well if “human knowing is fundamentally a so... Read More

jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

Good point, Ken. One of the constant struggles in KM is the tension between "we need information" and "I need to do my work." The two don't always mesh.

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