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I monitor questions from LinkedIn Answers via the web feeds for several categories, and I review the questions once a week or so.  It's amazing how many get posted in that time frame - and there are always questions I want to read more about or answer myself but I don't make the time.  I also ask from time to time and find the answers to be helpful.

So, here are several LinkedIn Questions I found interesting this week.

The next question: How do you monitor the answers to specific questions?  (LinkedIn doesn't provide a feed and can't figure out how to parse the answers as comments.)  The folks at Edgehunt are playing with a mashup that brings questions AND answers together: Aggregated LinkedIn RSS Answers and Questions feed (or one for each LinkedIn Answers category). [Link fixed!]

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Bong said:


Interesting post!

your post reminded me of Examination as one model principles of practice generalization of Quoth. That is, examination is a result of challenging practice that helps to model a practice. Usually in the model, an issue is raised when the practice is challenged by questioning:

the value of the practice, that is, the purpose to be accomplished or served;
the means to achieve the purpose;
the different definitions used in the practice; and
so on.

Here the intent of the examination is not to knock the practice down, but to test or see how far the practice would apply.

Really questioning is a powerful tool to create and/or help in emerging new data, information, knowledge, and possibilities. It helps us to make distinctions; it helps us to see the structure of a controversy and organize our thoughts better for knowing and decision making; and it helps us to understand, support, or reject the practice.

Questioning asks the unshakable question, creates motion, empowering, and etc.

I feel that questioning in knowledge management will make a difference.

What do you think?

Kind regards,


dermot said:

Tried to get to the LinkedIN answer

"A request for participation in a conference: What Went Wrong? Why do projects fail spectacularly?" but says no longer available - am I missing something ?



jackvinson Author Profile Page said:

Hrm... It looks like LinkedIn took down the "What Went Wrong" question for some reason.

In looking through other questions in LinkedIn Answers, I am guessing that the question was somehow marked as inappropriate or otherwise hidden for some administrative reason. Since the author was really looking for someone to speak at a conference, maybe it was flagged as a misrepresentation?

Updated above.

Steven said:

Aggregated LinkedIn RSS Answers and Questions feed

Correct link to it is

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