MindJet, are you listening?

I am finding Mind Manager v7 to be very slugging and a CPU-hog on my four-year-old laptop (1.6 MHz Centrino, 1 MB GB RAM, most standard applications active).  I'll start typing notes, and it takes a while for MM to catch up to my typing.  This is very frustrating, when I am trying to capture notes in a meeting.  (As I type, MM with a small map open is using ~30% of the CPU, according to the task manager.)

I've commented and asked about this in a number of places, but nothing appears to be happening.  There are even a few threads at the MindJet user forum on this topic.  But no actual resolution of the CPU-hog problem.  I haven't even seen a real response from Mindjet.

Mindjet, are you listening?  Are you doing something to take care of this problem?  Is my computer simply the wrong one for this software?

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Alex said:

Maybe that 1Mb of memory might be your problem? :)

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This entry was published on September 11, 2007 10:16 PM and has 1 comment(s).

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