Innovation Challenge 2007 looking for judges

The Innovation Challenge is looking for judges for the competition that will be starting in October.  I've done this several times, and am consistently impressed with the ideas that result.

The innovations are product or service innovations for the sponsoring companies.  This year's sponsors are Hilton Hotels, OPEN from American Express, Whirlpool, Lexmark, Harley-Davidson and Shell.  Judging goes in two rounds, and you can opt to participate in either one round or both.

Become a judge for the Innovation Challenge!

The Innovation Challenge® is the largest competition of its kind in the world. It consistently unites hundreds of teams from the top 100 MBA programs worldwide with some of the biggest global brands in a groundbreaking experience designed to solve real-world business challenges. If you feel that you are qualified to judge cutting-edge concepts from emerging business leaders, click here to find out more.

Become a Judge:

Do you have what it takes to judge the most innovative ideas in all of big business? Click here to find out.

Download an Invitation.

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Ingo said:

done. thanks a lot for the hint!

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