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Chris Garrett has a nice list of suggested ways to use blogs as a piece of the project management communication puzzle.  Project Management Blogs - How to Run Your Project on the Web:

Check out these ways blogs might be used for project management:

  • Progress Report Blogs
  • Discussion Blogs
  • File Store Repository
  • Multi-Media Knowledge Base
  • Team Blogs
  • Documentation Blog
  • RFC Blog

Check the full post for his thoughts on each of these.  One idea that may be included in the nuances of the items of is that of a What's Happening on my Tasks blog.  It isn't so much a progress report or discussion as it is short posts on what is going well and what isn't going so well.  The goal / hope would be that the distributed team would follow these and be able to provide advice / get help from people who aren't immediate cube-farm neighbors.

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Those kinds of project management blogs are very useful. This way project managers are continuously updated on recent information.

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