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Shawn Callahan has a set of suggested Knowledge sharing principles with a client. And he's asking for feedback. Here is mine.
Jon Husband has posted a Dave Snowden Podcast ... The Impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and "Knowledge Management". If you are interested in knowledge management and are looking to what is new in KM, have a listen.
My friend, Noreen Kelly of Trust Matters, sent me "Process Improvement Tools Can Add Value in Turnarounds" by Steve Beeler from the August 2007 issue of The Journal of Corporate Renewal.
The Boeing newsletter for October 2007, Frontiers Online, has a cover story on knowledge management.
The Association of Knowledgework is moving into a new phase of existence and is gonig to start with cafés held around the world. Here is one in Phoenix that is open to anyone interested in reshaping AOK as a Future Center.
A friend of mine is working with Marilyn Martin on a few projects. He pointed me to her interesting hand-drawn graphics at Rather Graphic.
I'm still hunting for a better fit for my skills and interests. Ideally, this ends up with a client or in a consultancy, where I can employ my love of knowledge management. In browsing through the listings, there are plenty of KM-related positions.
PMConnection gives us "10 Signs You Don't Really Know Microsoft Project." But they don't explain why these are a problem. Here is my attempt.
Matt Moore asks What am I doing with my hands? in this video interview, where he talks about knowledge management, Enterprise 2.0, and a few other favorite topics.
I spoke today on the Blogs and Wikis in the Corporate World panel at ASIST. My topic was one of my favorites, around how blogs can support formation and maintenance of communities. Slides available.
The Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology has a special section on Folksonomies in the October / November 2007 issue.
In Turning Informal Networks into Formal Ones Craig Roth talks about the latest in a McKinsey Quarterly "series" on collaboration, Harnessing the power of informal employee networks by McKinsey consultants Lowell Bryan, Eric Matson, and Leigh Weiss. Formal network structures can mobilize employees to generate value by propagating knowledge and its creators all...
I am quoted in Lost Knowledge by Dave Simanoff in The Tampa Tribune.
This video has been getting linked by several of my sources. It's all text and music, so you have to pay attention: "Information R/evolution" by Michael Wesch
I recently read a complementary copy of All Your Money Won't Another Minute Buy: Valuing Time as a Business Resource by Curt Finch of Journyx. And then this afternoon, I had a nice conversation with Curt around the topics raised in his book as part of his Blog Book Tour.
Scott Selhorst gives a basic education in "The Difference Between Correlation and Causality."
The design of the InnovationWell workshop on Next Generation KM for R&D was to talk about that exact topic and what might be involved in creating the technology around supporting R&D activities.
Tuesday morning, the InnovationWell discussions included several product demonstrations, including two from pharma companies who had done some of their own work.
Someone at the workshop I'm attending mentioned Seeing The Forest At Pfizer from Chemical & Engineering News (C&E News) from Sept 3, 2007.
Apparently, I am a "purist, expert, socialite" blogger.
James Robertson makes an interesting claim in "Collaboration tools are anti knowledge sharing?" The short idea is that the tools can create information islands that limit sharing at the larger level.
Gartner has done a 2008 top 10 strategic IT technologies which has several entried connected to my interests.
John Tropea has followed his list of 20 blogs with "Blog network as your social filter" where he says he really doesn't need to know what blogs I read. Rather, with several good social filters, it is fairly easy to get a good picture of what is happening in any given topic area.
John Tropea has given us his list of 20 blogs I'm currently enjoying and encourages the people on his list to do the same. So, here we go - I managed 18.
My friend and MeshForum colleague, Shannon Clark, is a consummate networker. He has some "Networking Advice - useful business cards and other tips."
Phillip G. Armour's June 2007 quarterly column on The Business of Software in Communications of the ACM was Twenty Percent: Planning to fail on software projects. Good stuff!
John McCormick at Baseline Magazine provides five case studies from their archives: "Knowledge Management: 5 Big Companies That Got It Right." I've heard several pieces of these stories, but I hadn't seen them put together in one place before. Nice summary of the work.
Lucas McDonnell has revised his pieces of knowledge management into five larger buckets: Issues, Processes & Methods, Related Skills & Disciplines, Technology, and People.
A reader contacted me recently with an interesting question about whether she should use PersonalBrain or MindManager to layout her book. I see this as a question of whether to use mind mapping or concept mapping.
At least two items in my stream today have to do with effective meetings. One comes from CIO.com, Eight Steps to More Effective Meetings, and the other from the BusinessWeek Climbing the Ladder podcast on Managing Teams.
Andrew McAfee gives a little more thought and background to how to justify social networking services, whether it is a Facebook-in-the-enterprise or blogs or something else in "The Ties that Find."
I'm in the middle of reading Personal Information Management, Edited by William Jones and Jaime Teevan. I am missing the typical graphics and drawings that books aimed at the major markets provide.

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