ASIST presentation on blogs and communities

I spoke today on the Blogs and Wikis in the Corporate World panel at ASIST.  My topic was one of my favorites, around how blogs can support formation and maintenance of communities.  Here are my slides, housed at Slideshare:

We held questions to the end, but there was a good bit of discussion around how to get blogs (and wikis) working within organizations.  Interesting stuff.

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Nancy White said:

Great stuff. I wish I had time to volunteer to translate 3/4 of the bullet points into images. It would be wild. Ah, time, time time. Ah, visual, visual, visual...

I can't say how much I enjoyed your presentation. I'm trying to get my notes done and up on my page, but I can't read my handwriting so it's going slowly :)
I've linked to this page from the ASIS&T wiki page on the session.

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