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A friend of mine is working with Marilyn Martin on a few projects.  He pointed me to her interesting hand-drawn graphics at Rather Graphic

MarilynMartin+Todays+Learning+TerrainA quick scan of her website shows cartoons, terrain maps, mind maps...  It reminds me how much nuance and flavor can come out of hand-drawn maps as compared to computer-drawn.  (At least as compared to my skill on the computer.)  Here's an example from Today's Learning Terrain.  One of the services she offers is "live drawing" during conferences and meetings, so that you come out of the event with a graphic that describes the topics discussed at the event.

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Thanks, Jack, for the plug. Glad you liked the map. I've found that visually "enhancing" content makes it more approachable, easier to understand, and contributes to higher levels of memory retention.

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