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Tom Davenport has been writing about online social networking lately, mostly appearing the curmudgeon. I suspect he's getting it a little wrong.
The Connections Show's Stan Relihan interviewed Mike O'Neil in a recent episode. If you are interested in LinkedIn, it's an interesting listen on how advanced users are working with the networking service.
Nancy White is going to be on a panel discussing The Future of KM at the GK3 conference next month. She's got some entertaining seed questions and is looking for some input.
Jon Miller suggests there are problems with problem statements in Top 10 Problems with Problem Statements.
I am leaving independent consulting and Chicago. Many people have heard the basics - here are the details as I know them today.
There was another interesting article in the November 2007 Communications of the ACM, "What Motivates Wikipedians" by Oded Nov. Is there a connection to the larger question of motivation in wikis?
Here are a couple lists of social networking and social communications technologies I've come across recently.
Pardon the dust. I've been goofing around with my website design, and a few people have commented that it looks like a mess. It is.
I had an interesting conversation with Luca Scagliarini of Expert System, a company that doesn't make expert systems per se. They are a semantic technology firm with an interesting set of products.
Here is an entertaining paper on the social norm of leaving the toilet seat down in the situation of adults of opposite sex cohabitating. The result: inconclusive.
How bad / good is the discipline IT project management? Standish Group reports 67% failure rate. A new article in Communications of the ACM report 67% success rate. Isn't that still not good enough?
I asked a contact a Realization to remind me about a conversation we had several years ago, where he suggested that we probably didn't need to do time tracking.
Two surveys came across my eyes in recent days that feel like they are related. Both look at management of bright ideas.
Brad Hinton let's the cat out of the bag in "On knowledge management's crisis of confidence." And Stuart Henshal has a similar thought today at KMWorld.
Dennis McDonald describes the knowledge management perspective on Google's OpenSocial offering last week.
Steve Dembo asks Why don't we wiki well? Why do we continue to re-create the wheel that others have already created? What does this look like inside organizations?
I had coffee with a KM colleague yesterday, and she suggested that "knowledge management is about missed opportunities." It's an interesting way to phrase the idea behind KM.
I like this line of thinking from Doug Cornelius, "Knowledge Management and Serendipity." A lot of the formal KM efforts completely miss this aspect of human nature when it comes to knowledge and learning.

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