Ten New Product Manager Tips

As my new job is a product manager, it's nice to see things like this.  Tyner Blain points to Ten New Product Manager Tips: from Adrienne Tan on brainmates.

Welcome to product management! Over the the better part of three months, Adrienne Tan at brainmates, product management people, put together a series of posts with ten tips for new product managers.

  1. Speak to People and Listen to What They Say
  2. Use Your New Product
  3. Review Your Key Performance Indicators
  4. Understand What Your Market is Saying About Your Product
  5. Locate and Review All Documentation About Your Product
  6. Be the Best
  7. Review Your Predecessor’s Task List
  8. Plan to Update Your Skills
  9. Enjoy Yourself
  10. Take Steps to Be a New Product Manager Again

As I start my new position, I think I am touching upon most of these.  I have the great benefit that my predecessor is still with the company and is happy to do as much of a brain dump as possible.  We also have a bunch of customers coming in for usability testing (!), which will give me the opportunity to interact with them. 

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Adrienne said:

Good luck Jack! Product Management is fun, challenging and at times, frustrating. I hope the tips help.

Amit said:

Helpful, He need to keep young feel to the product portfolio and brand portfolio

Sumit said:

These are good, simple tips. I wrote a similar article recently that I would like to share with folks:

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