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Doing some advertising for a new-to-me networking site around product management, Catalyze.  They appear to be focused on usability and business analysts, but product management is in their larger world.  Here is their boilerplate introductory material. 

I just joined the Catalyze community and I thought you would be interested too. Catalyze is a new member-driven community for professionals engaged in defining business systems, designing software applications and creating websites. It is a place to share experiences, find resources, ask questions, offer opinions, get involved and network with other professionals doing this same creative work.To join, go to and select the Register link in the upper right corner.

I find it somewhat entertaining that their "about" text on the home page is a picture of words.

Here are some other product management resources I've found recently.  There are plenty more to be found...

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Have you checked out the Product Management View?

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