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Most people who follow blogging probably know plenty of science bloggers, but for those that don't the science blogger community has put together its second Science Blogging Conference, and my friend Christina Pikas has been live blogging.  Interesting stuff, particularly now that I am back into work that is more directly linked to the sciences.  I hope she provides a later summary of her view of the conference (hint!).

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Here's a collection of blog posts written during the Science Blogging Conference (more will be added over the next couple of days as people write their posts after recovering from travel) and the collection of video recordings of several sessions.... Read More

I did post some notes... but I think that a lot that I heard and learned will probably be incorporated into future work. As Bora commented - there are tons of posts and recordings and such. A lot of the interesting conversations happened in the bar, though. There were at least 5 librarians or information scientists there so they might also have posts that cover your interests.

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