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A new-to-me blog by Matt Cornell takes a new look at one of my favorite topics, "How do you measure personal productivity?"
I took "We All Fall Down" with me on a business trip and found that I couldn't put it down, once I had started it. That sounds like a ringing endorsement to me.
How could you possibly remember events that specifically, unless that happens to be the day you got married or some other key event in your life.
Dan at Newly Corporate has a recent pair of articles on expertise in the business world that I found interesting. These are "5 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Expert" and "The Curse of Knowledge."
Here's another take in the long line of "lots of email" discussions. This time it is "Are You Really Being Paid to Read 200 Emails a Day?" by John Care of Mastering Technical Sales.
There is an interesting pair of articles that focus on collaboration in the April 2008 Communications of the ACM. And one of them leads to even more interesting stuff.
The Silicon Valley Product Group (Marty Cagan, I assume) asks about Eating Dog Food?. As in "we eat our own dog food."
The Productivity Show episode #39 with Doug Fisher covers my favorite topic of personal effectiveness AND makes the connection to team effectiveness.
Carol Kinsey Goman has "The Seven-Second Advantage" in the April 2008 AMA Moving Ahead Newsletter that talks about first impressions and how to improve them.
I've come across the "Leading with Insight" slides from Matthew Milan that touches on some interesting ideas on insight.
The April 2008 Meeting of KM Chicago will focus on knowledge-centered support (KCS) with a discussion by Tom Melzl of InQuira.
Vivian Ward has an interesting set of thoughts on knowledge work that have me reflecting on my own work practices.
If you haven't decided on what you are doing at the beginning of May, you might want to consider the upcoming KM conference from APQC in May 1-2 in Chicago. Sadly, I won't be there.
Luis Suarez pointed to an article by Dennis Stevenson on his first blush with Twitter, The World is Smaller than You Think. I think Dennis' observations are in line with whymany people get so excited about social media.
Friday morning, I joined a half dozen other people at the monthly Boston KM Forum breakfast meeting in Waltham. The topic, loosely, was information literacy.
A totally random find from my friend Camille. Give this tool a list of interests (like in one of your millions of online profiles), and it generates a lovely collage.

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