Blogging for five years

I have been blogging for five years now.  Amazing.  My focus has always been around knowledge management, but the specifics and surrounding topics have wandered over the years. 

Thanks to all my commenters and readers.  And a special thanks (again) to Jim McGee who told me, "You should really start your own blog" because I was leaving so many comments on his.  (So many, in fact, that I still get spam that thinks I have something to do with the ownership of his website.)


  • 1860 entries (this is number 1861)
  • ~1900 readers via FeedBurner
  • 1415 comments (many from myself)
  • 419 trackbacks (many from myself)
  • 28 categories with anywhere from 6 to 616 entries
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Luis Suarez said:

Whooooaaaahhhhh!!! One of my daily essential readings is having a birthday today! W00t!! Happy bloggiversary, Jack! Always a pleasure checking out your latest blog posts and what's in your mind! Plenty of food for thought for us, knowledge workers, and very refreshing time and time again! So much so that I am surely glad we finally got to meet up this year, earlier on, and hope to be doing that very soon as well? Enterprise 2.0 in Boston? June 2008? I will be there!

Hope then to buy a drink or two for you for all what you have meant in my own blogging career! Have a good one and here is to another five years to come!!! :D

Anol said:

Happy blogoversary Jack!

Brett Author Profile Page said:

Wow, 5 years. Sounds like a good excuse for a party!!

Knowledge Jolt was one of the first (maybe the first, that was a long time ago) blogs I regularly followed, really my first introduction to blogging. Through the years I've learned a lot both to help my own personal KM and to help shape my thoughts on KM in general.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next 5 years.

EclecticBill Author Profile Page said:

Congratulations for a great five years! The first blog I check on Bloglines when I am in a hurry. You have been a great resource on KM and personal KM. Keep blogging for another five.


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