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My friend, Lilia Efimova is wrapping up her PhD thesis work on the subject of blogging and has a nice summary of a number of Reasons for using weblog to keep information bits.  I see these as all elements of personal knowledge management where weblogs provide lots of assistance.

  • Portability / Number of access points.
  • Preservation of information in its current state / Currency of information.
  • Context (remembering why it was saved) / Reminding.
  • Ease of integration into existing structures.
  • Communication and information sharing.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Do you find it interesting that Communication and Information Sharing is in that list?  I am convinced that a major element of "personal knowledge management" and personal effectiveness in general is the ability to exchange information and ideas with others.

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I agree with your last paragraph with regards to the ability to exchange information and ideas with others. I have recently started a blog which relates to managing small projects. I started this after coming across a couple of blogs and thought this may be a good way, to not only structure my thoughts, but also enable people to comment on how well parts of the system work.

In the long term I intend to use the system as part of my research towards an MSc in International Project Management, while at the same time building a resource that, hopefully, others can utilise to manage their small projects.

Keep on the good writing



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