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Lucas McDonnell has a list of 15 tips for successful knowledge sharing. Reading through them, I couldn't help think of the Carnegie tips from How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Patrick Lambe had Larry Prusak and Dave Snowden on a couch and talking about the ever-popular topic of "Is KM Dead?" Here are some sound bytes from the discussion.
An interesting experiment on the spread of a meme, displayed visually.
I've had Xobni running on my new work computer since I started in December. Here are some thoughts about how Xobni fits into my worklife.
Steve Kelman has Knowledge management 2.0 in the July 14, 2008 Federal Computer Week magazine. It's all about collaboration. Kelman is reporting on several efforts at Federal agencies related to enabling people to collaborate.
A couple weeks ago Adam Bullied put together an initial draft of "The Product Management Manifesto." It contains two major pieces: a philosophy (definition?) and a set of fundamental activities.
Victor Newman has started blogging with Knowledgeworks. I've always appreciated his unconventional take on knowledge management, so I was happy to see that he hasn't changed his approach.
Lessons learned only matter when someone else takes the results and does something with it!
To prove that I haven't vanished into complete thin air, I provide two items of entertainment. I just finished Scott Adams' Dilbert and The Way of the Weasel. And the Bloodmobile video from They Might Be Giants is entertaining.
Thanks to a note at the KM Forum blog I see that there is a virtual open house at Kent State's information architecture and knowledge management (IAKM) program.

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