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Brad Hinton has an item "On customer experience for information and knowledge projects" that rings another bell in the won't-someone-please-think-about-the-people steeple.
InnovationWell are doing another event at Bryn Mawr (Philadelphia) on 13 October The Push and Pull of Knowledge Management in R&D.
Pumacy Technologies AG are doing a study of Knowledge Management Blogs. This particular report provides a ranking of 50+ blogs in the KM arena for the month of August 2008.
I came across "Why is it so hard to get smart people to share?" from Gia Lyons. I see a balance of sorts between being the expert, becoming a better expert, and growing others' expertise.
The Kent State University program on Information Architecture and Knowledge Management has announced a new professorship, sponsored by Goodyear.
Seth Grimes talks about the claim that "80% of business-related information resides in unstructured form, primarily text." I remember this being an important element of discussions of information management (and into knowledge management) as I was getting into the topic.
I came across an interesting article that provides Jay Deragon and socialutions' perspective on preparing for implementing social networks. I hear in these tips echos of almost any change effort.
The Boston KM Forum topic this evening was "Tag Me! Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise," a talk by Laurie Damianos of MITRE.
Matt Cornell, "Productivity is neither a cult nor a fad. It's a search for meaning."
Commentary on several articles that talk about the importance of dealing with human practices as well as the business processes, particularly in the era of collaboration.
Chris McGrath on the ThoughtFarmer blog gives us a Sneak peak at IDEO's take on Knowledge Sharing. He's got a great quote from the project manager.
Forrester Research published Product Managers Are Working On The Wrong Things by Tom Grant in July. I've finally had a chance to look at it (being one of the survey respondents).
Sigurd Rinde has a piece on the purpose of information technology that rings a bell for me. "Teaching how to fish - IT's ultimate purpose"
The folks in the Mozilla development labs launched Ubiquity to work on top of Firefox 3. It's gotten a lot of notice amongst the technophilic. But is it ubiquitous?
In meetings at work today, the term "context" has come up a number of times. As I dove into my interest in knowledge management, context was clearly one of the most critical elements of enabling knowledge transfer.
I haven't linked to Lilia Efimova in a while, but she continues to write about her PhD process and say things that I think have to do with the larger questions of how people work together (one element being knowledge management).

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