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I've been getting a bunch of questions lately along these lines: What's all this about a new job, then?  Didn't you just move to Boston as a product manager at AspenTech, one of the best-known software companies when it comes to chemical engineers?

Yes, it is true.  I am leaving AspenTech to work with two former Searle / Pharmacia / Pfizer colleagues as a member of P3 Consulting Group.  The primary focus of our work is implementing Theory of Constraints for our clients.  I've had experience with TOC and most of these projects were directly with these guys. 

But why now?  Why not before you left Chicago?  Or why not a longer stint at AspenTech first?  The short reason: They came asking.  The slightly longer reason: The opportunity for me just felt too good to pass up.  I get to do work that directly impacts our customers' bottom lines.  As a product manager, the product work I do translates into new features / products after at least one release cycle, if not more.  This means I don't see the direct benefit of my work for quite some time.  I have known my new colleagues since 1996 and worked with them on several occasions, particularly in Theory of Constraints settings.  I expect to have a lot of fun with them.

Will you be moving back to Chicago?  While P3CG is based in Chicago, there is no reason for us to move the family again.  Our customers are all over the place, and we go to them.  This does mean I will be traveling quite a lot, which is the biggest down side to this job change.

What else do you want to know?

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Brett Author Profile Page said:

Good to see you following your passion, and doing something that has meaning for you (and your customers, of course). Sounds like a great opportunity that you were wise enough to jump at. I've seen all too many people through the years take a pass.

Let me know if all that traveling brings you to St. Louis.

Best of luck, Jack! I know nothing about the Theory of Constraints besides what you have written about, so hope to learn a little more about it from you here. My experience is that it is actually a good time to be with a small, nimble organization helping others with their changes.


Best of luck, Jack. Drop me a line the next time you're in NYC.

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