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I attempt to play with Wolfram|Alpha a bit, but I think my interface isn't fully compatible with Wolfram|Alpha's.
As of a week ago Monday, I have been blogging here for six years.
Craig Roth has an interesting take on the usual "information overload" article which provides an "information overload 101" course. Why not provide a 200-level course instead?
In the second issue of Smart People magazine is an article on the key shift from command-and-control to knowledge work, "Unmanaging knowledge - How to tell the boss to back off" by Charles Ehin.
Art Murray has extended his suggested transformations in An opportunity for real change, part 2, where he continues the idea of stepping back from the day-to-day to think about how the organization should work in the future.
Stephanie Barnes asks an interesting "Knowledge Management Question" at her new The Missing Piece blog. And I make the serendipitous connection to some KM poetry.
A number of people on Twitter excitedly mentioned the Boston Globe summary article on coffee, Good to the Last Drop by Judy Foreman, their regular Health Sense columnist. It summarizes a boatload of recent studies that, taken together, suggest that coffee is good for you. Even decaffeinated, in some cases.
The Boston Chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning hosted Patti Anklam this Tuesday for a discussion of her book, Net Work, and the idea of networks in organizations.
I've been attempting to clean up the Theory of Constraints entry on Wikipedia. One element of that has been to hunt down references and clear up the "critcism" section to be readable. Part of the reference hunt took me to YouTube, and that of course led to more YouTube. Here are four videos I dove into and my thoughts about them.

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