Blogging for six years (plus)

As of a week ago Monday, I have been blogging here for six years.  The last year or so has seen a serious dropoff in the frequency of my posting, but I still enjoy having a place to call my own.  And at this stage in life, I am much more excited about the boy that was born exactly one year after I started this blog (and the other one born pi years before this blogiversary).

Most of the one off stuff that I've posted here now ends up on Twitter (and Facebook), and I keep the blog for topics more closely aligned with Theory of Constraints, Knowledge Management and Personal Effectiveness.

I haven't checked the statistics for my website in easily a year, mostly because I am out of the habit (and I can't be bothered to hunt down the link now).  I know that I still get a check from Google AdSense from time to time, and that helps fuel my coffee habit.  When I checked Feedburner a month or so back, I discovered I am still around 2000 readers of the KJolt feed (or the feed with comments).

Thanks to all my friends, readers and commenters.  You still keep me going after six years of blogging!

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Brett Author Profile Page said:

First off, congratulations. It's been a pleasure following you, and getting to know you, over all these years.

But six years?!? Holy cow, where has the time gone? I did a quick check and it turns out my six year anniversary is coming up early next month. Unlike you, I've not managed to keep it all in one place. (I think I'm on my 3d or 4th edition, but who's counting?)

Like you, I have found that Twitter - and to a lesser extent, FaceBook - is now the destination for many of the things that I may have at one time posted. That kind of explains the very slim pickings on my blog of late....

Again, congrats. I'm looking forward to the next 6 (7, 8, 25?) years.

Luis Suarez said:

Hi Jack! Oh my goodness! 6 years already?!?! Time surely goes fast when you are having fun, my friend! I must say, and I think I told you about this one, that it was thanks to you and a couple of other early KM bloggers that got me going into the world of blogging and social software, specially outside of the firewall.

And must confess that I don't regret having had such an inspiration to get things going! And 6 years later, here we are still blogging away! Yes, may not be that frequent, but still I agree with you that blogging is still "our own" space; our own space where we can share a bit more than extended comment of 140 characters or a paragraph or two. That's why I am still blogging; that's why I will continue doing it for, I hope, many years to come!

And surely wish to keep having you as an inspiration! Thus congratulations in achieving such a huge milestone and hope to be able to catch up with you "in the carbon" in Boston at Enterprise 2.0 ... Let me know if you will be there as well!


Thanks, Luis! It was your words that had me reference my blog as "my own space." I've learned a lot from you as well.

Sadly, I will not be at E2.0 this year, in favor of a holiday with my family!

Samuel said:

Congrats, Jack. I enjoy reading and following your blog, even when posting is slow. Slow(er) blogging helps me keep up with your thoughts! Hope you keep the insights coming.

James Dellow said:

I'm pretty sure you were one of the first blogs on my blog roll and you are still there. Well done :-)

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