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Daniel Markham has some fun with "Estimating Project Size - What To Fix." The focus is on his baliwick of Agile project management, but the general ideas apply to most project planning activities.
Memory fades over time. And unless you have reason to remember specific events, those tend to fade into a haze of other events just like it and misremembered details.
Sally McGhee has a piece on the things we tell ourselves about productivity at the Microsoft at Work blog.
The Manufaturer has published a video interview with Eli Goldratt and Will Stirling, which appears to have been recorded after a seminar that Goldratt gave.
After years and years of promises and science fiction and tons of money spent on artificial intelligence research (in which I participated), computers are still slow and not prone to learning from user behavior.
A little more about blog syndication when it comes to a service like Newstex.
There are a couple threads relating to experts and expertise running, and I have been wanting to mention them. One is a query from David Weinberger in KMWorld, and another is a project by Patrick Lambe and Matt Moore.
The recent IAM Talking podcast, "The Problems of Process, In Practice," Dan Keldsen hosts a discussion with Bob Lewis of IT Catalysts, and there are a couple of elements that really connected with me.
The Xobni blog has a practical suggestion on making email easier to manage for your recipients with better subject lines.
I am still looking for more thinking on how to apply Theory of Constraints ideas and thinking in heavily uncertain areas like discovery research, where typical drop-out rates are well above 80%.
Well, not quite an easter egg of the hidden keystroke variety, but I did find something I wasn't expecting when I reinstalled Office 2007 on my computer.
Are you subject to lots of clichés? Are you a frequent user of clichés? Be careful. Phillip G Armour writes about this.

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